Couch Doctor ®️ NYC Is a unique business which could only be born in New York City, the place in which, like nowhere else in the World, space limitation is a serious threat to any oversized object to be delivered and installed or constructed into a desired space. 

Since 2008, our team members are  motivated enthusiasts inspired to constantly improve their craftsmanship remaining the  best furniture specialists in the industry with the unique set of skills highly demanded by New Yorkers  facing the most sophisticated and totally unpredictable furniture delivery circumstances about the existence of which people living in the rest of the country can hardly even imagine.

“More than decade of exceptional service and outstanding craftsmen-ship”

- featured in New York Times  - “miracle workers”

- Daily News - “New York City’s unique business”.

NY Times “When the couch has an attitude”

How do we do it?!

Here we go! Check out this TikTok video made by our technician on-site  which may help in understanding the process: